With our Inbound SMS Service you can text message from your clients, staff or customers directly to your nominated email address.

Inbound Campaigns

Mobileroo isn't only about sending SMS/MMS, we also provide industry-leading solutions to ensure your customer base is always growing and always relevant.

Powerful Website Integration

Mobileroo's website integration makes it simple to grow your database and customise the customer data you collect. With features like self-branding, email notifications, confirmation SMS, and custom tagging, you know the customers you're attracting are on-target.


Calls-to-action are key to any effective marketing strategy. SMS is the easiest way for customers to respond to calls-to-action immediately, and mobileroo handles it fast and efficiently.


Run targeted competitions and polls across your existing customer base and allow new customers to find you by simply SMSing their entry details.

MMS Inbound

The future of mobile customer interactivity . MMS Inbound allows your customers to take photos of secret codes in newspapers, even images on caféalls,which can be used for competitions, quizzes and games.


Mobileroo makes sure you have the freshest customer database . allowing customers to opt-out, eliminating the need for you to spend time cleansing your database.

Custom Analytics

We've developed a highly complex backend infrastructure to give you very precise stats and analytics so that you can measure you mobile campaign's ongoing success.

Database Growth

Your customers are alive and changing, so your database should be too! Mobileroo is here to help grow your customer-base and make it simple for customers to sign up for your services and become part of your cash-flow.


You have full control over whatever tags you want to use to categorise your customers. Tying this with our web integration allow your database to intelligently grow based on customer preferences.

Mobileroo makes it simple!